Teen "UNPLUG" Social Event


Teen "UNPLUG" Social Event


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“UNPLUG” hosted by “Cure World Pain” & “Alliekits”, is a social event that offer teen girls a space to disconnect from their digital or electronic devices for the day. According to common sense media 66% of parents feel their teens spend to much time on mobile devices and 52% of teens agreed to having an addiction to their mobile devices. This event help support parents by offering a platform for which their child can unplug, if only for a short period of time as well as encourage teens to form relationships outside of social media, encourage confidence through activities that foster personal & team building skills, and to use these skills in developing a streamline toward their personal gifts that inspire and empower bold leaders. 

Founder of “Cure World Pain”, Mercedes Boston is a native Angeleno who is all too familiar with the challenges of being forced to learn how to deal with life without guidance. Mercedes has since shed her street image and transformed her stories of pain into courageous acts of mentorship. Her gift continues to place her on platfoms where she speaks her truth to encourage, build confidence, and positive images in other young people.

Founder of “Alliekits”, Allie Knows is also a native Angeleno who enjoyed dance, drama, and music at an early age. Allie’s journey has lead her to carve out her own business niche using arts as a vehicle toward entrepreneurship. She help young girls find their innate gifts, to reach their highest potential, and exceed the changes of our society.